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Aluminum Roll Up Doors

We have the pleasure to present an innovative system of aluminum rolling shutter. Alu-roll BOX MILANO of Italian design is the product which has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Its simplicity and unique design makes it perfect for modern kitchen arrangements. The Alu-rolls are made of pure aluminum without PVC which makes them strong and more durable. The rolls consist of 25mm lamels in the surface of C0. Innovative lamels with holes (WIND type), ventilate the inside of the cabinet and make opening and closing of the rolls very quiet. The spring is fitted to the size of the rolling shutter and its tension can be adjusted. It gives better comfort in using the alu-rolls. We offer you a high quality product with an easy assembly, cut to size and offered with short delivery time.


Minimum ordering quantity is 50 units of each. This program is only for companies that are willing to stock or have large volume projects. We guarantee the best quality in the industry, authentic European production with highest standards of quality, amazing pricing, but this program is for volume buyers only.

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Available Finishes:

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