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Wavy Styling Panels

Each Box contains 16 panels (covers 10.76 sq.ft)

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Great aesthetics
  • Material: recyclable plastic polystyrene
  • Flexible application on all walls, ceilings, doors, furniture & etc.
  • Installation is possible with or without groove between the individual Wavy Panels.
  • Creates deeper 3D effects with lighting aimed at the panels
  • The panels are white and can be easily painted with waterbased paint if needed
Available Style Options
  • Package of wavy styling panel
  • Painting wavy styling panels
  • Spraying wavy styling panel
  • Installation of wavy styling panels
  • Application of wavy styling panels
  • Installation of wavy styling panel

Wavy Panels designed for simple and easy installation!This is about as easy as it gets, however keep few important factors in mind:

  1. The subsurface should be cleaned and free of dust, oil and grease
  2. For attachment use self adhesive dots (included), or tacky solvent free glue, optionally acrylic calking
  3. All arrows (<) on the back side should be facing same direction
  4. To cut tiles use jig saw with fine toothed blade
  5. Panels can be painted with any water based paint found at Home Depot or Lowes (use roller or spray gun)

Installation of Wavy Panel Style #01085
  • Wavy Styling Panels #01085 under blue light
  • Wavy Styling Panels #01085 under red light
  • Wavy Styling Panels #01085 under purple light
Installation of Wavy Panel Style #01086
  • Wavy Panels #01086 under red light
  • Wavy Panels #01086 under blue light
  • Wavy Panels #01086 under light

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