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Toe Kick Covers

If you are looking for an easy way to renew your kitchen or add that European touch, we have a perfect solution for you. Use our Stainless Steel or Chrome Toe Kick Cover and add a nice addition to your stainless steel appliances. Go a step further and add stainless steel handles and now you have THREE major components of your kitchen that will dramatically change its look. Our toe kicks are easy to install – just peel & stick, if you need to cut them just use a regular utility knife – just score & snap. You can reface all your toe kicks in under 1 hour.

  • ToeKick Covers
  • Toe Kick Covers
  • ToeKick Covers
  • Toe Kick Covers

Available Options of Toe Kick Covers

  • ToeKick CoversStainless Steel
  • ToeKick CoversChrome

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Since our establishment in 2003 we have been providing distinctive, innovative solutions for the interior design industry. We always have the latest and greatest concepts from Europe as well as our in-house production ongoingly develops new systems for the interior design industry.

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