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  • 09

    LED Lighting- Three ways to Integrate LED lighting into your kitchen design

    LED lighting is the newest technology to shed light on dark kitchens. Advantages of LED lighting are long fixture lifetime, low heat emission and very low power consumption. Häfele of Germany has partnered with Loox Lighting to build exclusive LED Lighting Systems for your residential or commercial projects. Häfele offers …

  • 05

    Slab Wood Tables and Counters

    Slab wood tables and counters are not just for rustic log cabins anymore.  With the emergence of managed forests in Europe, we are seeing an upswing in the demand for slab wood tables and counters in the states.  Our owner here at IDS Group recently visited a few potential partners in Europe …

  • 02

    German Kitchens – Leaders in Organization

    German kitchens stand at the forefront of quality and functional design.  At the recent “Mile of Kitchens” trade fair event, almost 30 of the top German kitchen design showrooms opened their doors and put their best kitchen ideas on display.  This year, there was an obvious emphasis on smooth motion …

  • 29

    Wood Elements – Balancing design with nature.

    Wood elements in your interior design help bring a natural harmony to your client’s hectic lives.  As people get busier and increasingly digital, many are finding it more important than ever to seek a reprieve from the screen at home.  The Europeans call this idea the “slow life” – conscious, …

  • 23

    Trough Sinks – The Galley leads in innovation.

    Trough sinks are a solid design choice if your client does a lot of cooking or entertaining!  Many designers would manage this need by adding additional, smaller prep sinks either on the island or off to the side.  The biggest complaint we hear with the extra sinks (and most traditional trough …

  • 17

    Countertop Trends – The skinny on what’s next.

    Countertop trends in North America for the past several years have been go thick.  With the popularity of granite and quartz, everyone wanted a ¾” thick slab with a 1 ½” (3cm) laminated edge.  This thick edge and stone presented a heavy, formidable style in the design, similar to what …

  • 15

    Trend in Kitchen Design – Concrete

    Trend in kitchen design of concrete is still holding strong as a durable, yet beautiful indoor element.  While the global trend of using concrete for kitchen countertops and floors is not new, Germany is consistently churning out new and exciting ways to integrate concrete into your kitchen.  As evident at …

  • 14

    White contemporary kitchen – a proven design choice.

    White contemporary kitchen design is not new to the European style, however, not all whites are created equal.  At IDS Group, how we approach the color white in our selection is on the cutting edge of design.  You will not find the tired, traditional white country kitchen here; what you …

  • 12

    Closet Design – An evolution of space.

    Closet design has evolved over the years, molding itself to meet the current demand of the user.  Gone are the days where people are happy with a single shelf and hanging rod.  Today’s clients demand precise storage for their various needs; shoe shelves and tie drawers are the new design …

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