Custom Floors

Available in lengths of up to 29.5 ft (9 m) and widths of 6.3 to 13.8 in (16 to 35 cm). Depending on the customer’s needs, there is a possibility to combine a wooden floor with stone or tiles. The perfection of our wooden floors is given full justice when combined with unique wooden staircases that emphasize the floor’s natural qualities and accentuates its beauty. We encourage you to get in touch with us and compare many types of wood, widths and board finishes.

At Marchewka, a highly experienced team of craftsmen and artisans work seamlessly with architects and interior designers to produce exclusive bespoken wooden stairs, floors, doors and interiors in traditional and contemporary styles. They hand pick only the finest ethically sourced timbers from naturally regenerative forests, all the woods are selected for their distinctive character to impart uniqueness and beauty to the finished project. As a reputable and long established international company they pride themselves on listening and understanding all our discerning clients project requirements. Attention to detail, excellence in workmanship and friendly customer service have long been hallmarks of their family based company. And you can rest assured knowing that all Marchewka products are made to last…because we never compromise when it comes to quality. We can proudly announce Marchewka was awarded the prestigious ‘EUROPRODUKT 2012’ at the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw because of its very high quality, modern production technology and attractive design.

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Since our establishment in 2003 we have been providing distinctive, innovative solutions for the interior design industry. We always have the latest and greatest concepts from Europe as well as our in-house production ongoingly develops new systems for the interior design industry.

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