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    Fendi Kitchens- Custom Cabinets

    Baczewski Luxury is a kitchen showroom and design center of a new generation. We value authentic European craftsmanship; we share the latest design trends coming from Italy and Germany; we help our customers experience luxury, sophistication and elegance in their lives. We are inspired by luxury and quality. We are …

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    Floating Cabinets – Space Saving Solutions

    Floating cabinets are a fun way to add modern style and sophistication to any room. Floating cabinets offer clean lines, hide clutter and keeps the floor area from feeling heavy or cluttered. Hard to reach corners are a thing of the past. Floating cabinets keep any room light and airy. …

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    Ultra Modern: Glass and Aluminum with a Lugo Style Kitchen

    If ultra modern is your calling, look no further! Your kitchen dreams will be coming true when you match the frosted/lacquered glass with our sleek, frameless aluminum doors! If bright colors or high gloss are your thing, you’ll be in heaven! Check out how well the ultra modern style fits …

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    Capri Kitchen Cabinets: Sleek, Modern Style

    If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, our Capri I-Line kitchen is a wonderful option. It’s sleek and modern style is unparalleled. You could go to home care chain and find a poorly made cabinet with a traditional look, but not only will you need to replace them when they fall apart, you …

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    Aluminum Frame Doors: True Innovation

    Of all the cabinets we carry, our aluminum frame doors are by far the most unique. With a wide range of anodized finishes and an even larger selection of glass inserts for them, what’s not to love? Among the variety, there are many other benefits—here are a few: -Fingerprint free …

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    Laminate Kitchens: Your Lifestyle Comes Alive

    Next stop: our laminate finish! Whether you’re looking for a stone-like style or a sleek stainless steel design, we will make our laminate doors to your taste and your lifestyle. Here are the benefits of our beautiful laminate kitchens: -Stain, ding, and nick resistant -Easy to clean -Wide variety of …

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    Thermofused: Perfected From Box to Door

    Not to be confused with the Thermofoil we discussed yesterday, Thermofused kitchens are another wonderful product we provide to make your home perfect. Using only the best textured laminates from Germany, we can create a pristine finish that is identical from the cabinet box, to the doors, and everywhere in …

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    Thermofoil Kitchens: Smooth Modern Style

      You know about Acrylic and Veneer, but what are the benefits of Thermofoil? These beautiful kitchen styles consist of a single continuous layer of foil wrapped around to create a smooth finish. The upscale look of our thermofoil kitchens will add a new level of style to your home. …

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    Never Fear, Veneer Cabinet Doors are Here!

    Yesterday, we started discussing the different kitchen finish styles we have to offer. Now that you know the basics of acrylic finishes, on to the next one! If you’re looking for a wood aesthetic in your kitchen, our top of the line veneer finish is exactly what you need. Other …

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