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    Aluminum Frame Doors: True Innovation

    Of all the cabinets we carry, our aluminum frame doors are by far the most unique. With a wide range of anodized finishes and an even larger selection of glass inserts for them, what’s not to love? Among the variety, there are many other benefits—here are a few: -Fingerprint free …

  • Kitchen backsplash accessories set

    Kitchen backsplash accessories set

    All kitchen backsplash railing system are custom made to fit your space. Your backsplash package includes aluminum base rail, 2 accessory rails and decorative panels of your choice. We have large selection of accessories that you can choose from to give your kitchen tailored look.  

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Since our establishment in 2003 we have been providing distinctive, innovative solutions for the interior design industry. We always have the latest and greatest concepts from Europe as well as our in-house production ongoingly develops new systems for the interior design industry.

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