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LED-Lights -Good for Your Health

Good design is great for your health. At Baczewski Luxury we want to talk the benefits of LED lighting versus conventional applications. Picture a room with bad lighting! What does a room with bad lighting provoke? For me, it invokes memories of the fluorescent classroom lights of my childhood. I remember the sickly yellow or blue glare reflecting off my Mead Trapper Keeper Binder and making me drowsy with sleep.


The lighting of our predecessors is outdated, glaring, harsh and is bad for your health. Bad lighting can lead to a myriad of health issues like headaches, fatigue and stress! Thankfully, Institutions such as WELL Building Standard are beginning to offer solutions. The WELL Building standard is backed my almost a decade of scientific research by national Institutions like the Mayo Clinic! The concept creates a symbiosis between design and construction with an emphasis on physical wellbeing. The WELL Building Standard has created a system for measuring, certifying and monitoring the environment of a building.

There are seven concepts woven into the WELL Building Standard Design. The WELL Building Standard says of light, “Minimize disruption to the body’s circadian rhythm. Requirements for window performance and design, light output and lighting controls, and task-appropriate illumination levels are included to improve energy, mood and productivity”.

WELL Building Standard 7 point philosophy

WELL Building Standard 7 point philosophy

The Well Building Standard is designed to make modern life better. We spend a lot of time at the office or in busy retail environments. We also know the long-term ramifications of bad lighting! Why is LED-Lighting the alternative solution? High-brightness white LED’s are a great choice over fluorescent lighting. Why? LED-Lights have a much higher efficiency and reduce power consumption by as much as 88% over fluoresce. This translates to reduced carbon emission and conservation. LEDs produce a more stable stream of light and have a long life. LED’s have the capacity to offer dimming capabilities maximizing their proliferation.

LED benefit

LED benefit

At Baczewski Luxury our unique knowledge in LED technology allows us to create most stunning kitchen designs with full implementation of today’s trends of cabinet lighting design. We feature Häfele LED Lighting Systems. We offer LED lights built into toe kick, edges and side walls of cabinet boxes, shelves, handless systems. We offer cold white (6000K) or worm white (3700K) LED lights. All lights could be dimmable, connected to main kitchen power switch or individually controlled with push buttons and miniature motion sensors. Stop by or call the showroom to learn more!

Integrated LED

Integrated LED

Integrated LED handles produce softer less harsh light.

Check out our website www.BaczewskiLuxury.com and discover options for LED implementation. Here is too good health! Baczewski Luxury is located at 7200 E Hampden Ave Suite #102. We are right next to the infamous Tamarac Square and the Elvis Theater! We are open Monday-Fri 8:30-5:30 and Saturday’s from 10-3. Call to schedule an appointment or stop by!

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