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LED Lighting- Three ways to Integrate LED lighting into your kitchen design

LED lighting is the newest technology to shed light on dark kitchens. Advantages of LED lighting are long fixture lifetime, low heat emission and very low power consumption. Häfele of Germany has partnered with Loox Lighting to build exclusive LED Lighting Systems for your residential or commercial projects. Häfele offers a variety of different power systems for any residential or commercial application. If you can dream it Häfele can light the way with LED’s. The expert design team at IDS can help bring your LED vision to Light in any room.

Toe Kick LED Lights:

Toe Kicks Lights are a great way to add a balance of light from floor to ceiling, adding illumination, depth and warmth to your kitchen. Toe Kick LED Lights create soft ambient light to illuminate your foot path. Try mixing it up and adding a LED Light with color to create fabulous accents. Toe Kick LED Lights are easy to install and come integrated with motion or touch sensors.

Kick plate

Kick plate

Flexible Strip LED Lights:

Shed Led light on any dark kitchen recess like cabinets, closets, pantries and more! The Loox LED Flexible Lighting system by Häfele are malleable and can be mounted in tight spaces. We like the Flexible Strip LED Lights. You can choose to have your LED lights recessed, flushed mounted or utilize an array of mounting options. Häfele offers an endless variety of sizes, finished, colors and mounting angles, they also offer an array of switching options including in-line switches, heat sensitive motion detection switches, touch dimmers and wireless remote switch solutions. Flexible Strip LED Lights are very easy to install and will be enjoyed maintenance free for years to come.


Integrated LED

Integrated LED

LED recessed Spot Lights:

Recessed LED Spot Lighting is perfect for under-cabinet lighting, bar lighting, shelf lighting, accent or ambient lighting. Make your kitchen a showplace, by putting an LED spot light on any item you want to showcase. LED accent light uses only 1 watt of power, has 12 VDC operation, and can be easily connected to any AC wiring system with a compatible power supply. Loox stocks many sizes and colors are easy to install and will be enjoyed maintenance free for years to come.


Spot Light

Spot Light


LED lights are cost effective and a great way to add a modern edge to any room. LED Lighting fixtures offer long fixture life, low heat emission and low power consumption. LED’s are lighting the future. We carry a full line of Häfele Loox Lighting systems and integrated cabinet doors. We offer several varieties on display in our showroom. Before you start your next lighting project, stop by our showroom and speak with a lighting expert. Once you work with one of our systems we are confident you will keep LED Lights as a permanent feature in your design portfolio.

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