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Fendi Kitchens- Custom Cabinets

Baczewski Luxury is a kitchen showroom and design center of a new generation. We value authentic European craftsmanship; we share the latest design trends coming from Italy and Germany; we help our customers experience luxury, sophistication and elegance in their lives. We are inspired by luxury and quality. We are ecstatic about Fendi’s Ambienta Cucina line of custom cabinetry. Sophisticated, seamless and sexy, the collection features three interchangeable, customizable styles. Fendi’s Ambienta Cucina line is comprised of three distinct designs: Villa Giulia, which emphasizes glass door cabinets; Villa Livia, which emphasizes chocolate lacquer cabinets; and Villa Ada, which plays with high gloss mother-of-pearl lacquer finishes.

Villa Giulia-
Fendi’s Villa Giulia is characterized by glass cabinet fronts in “ice” and “dove”. We love the post-modern feel and are inspired by the fresh use of color! At Baczewski Luxury we offer a large variety of Lacquer, Veneer and Acrylic and Glass door styles. Our Glass Kitchens offer the finest quality glass imported from Belgium and available in over 200 colors. Get Fendi’s Villa Giulia luxury custom look for a fraction of the boutique price. Our glass doors are made with frosted, decorative or painted glass elements. We can achieve Fendi’s design concepts by adding custom hardware and backsplash. Visit our showroom and talk to one of our expert designers.

Villa Giulia

Villa Giulia

Villa Livia-
Fendi’s Villa Livia is characterized by deep dark rich lacquer cabinets. We love wood veneer and lacquer and Fendi Villa Livia has a flawless execution. Our Lacquered cabinet doors are available in matte, high gloss and metallic finishes. We have over 220 of Italian ICA colors available for you to chose from. Our wood veneers are engineered which provides flawless grain matching and sustainability of natural resources. We are curious about the fabulous crocodile pattern utensil tray inside the drawer! I’m sure it is custom! We can make ANYTHING custom with our line of SIBU decorative surface materials. Come by our showroom to see hundreds to styles and finishes. We also offer distinctive ceilings tiles designed to last:

Mirror Ceiling Tiles in 2′ x 2′ size.
Translucent Ceiling Tiles in 2′ x 2′ size.
Custom Printed Ceiling Tiles in 2′ x 2′ size.

Villa Livia with custom tray

Villa Livia with custom tray

Villa Ada-

Fendi Villa Ada plays on mother-of-pearl lacquer finishes. We love how shiny and sparkly this kitchen is. Our Lacquered cabinet doors are available in matte, high gloss and metallic snow finishes in endless color varieties. You will love the snow finishes, they add an exorbitant amount of glamour to your cabinets. Stop by our showroom and talk to our designer about getting your kitchen or bath designed today!

Villa Ada

Villa Ada

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